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Check out Tim Buckley’s famous and funny comic strips on ctrlaltdel-online. Right, onto the subject. Is this the kind where a comic strip that has a very addictive storyline just gets erased by it’s author? Because before this comic strip and a few others, there was a strip about Ethan getting his own Game Store. I think thousands of people were really excited on knowing what happens next, but dissappointed after dissappointment appeared when the author keeps on releasing off-topic comic strips about other stuff, just like the one shown in my blog. I mean, Its fine with all the off-topic stuff, but dont you think it’s time to be drawing about Ethan & Friends again? I mean, this is Ctrl+Alt+Del after all right?

The first comic strip says: “So, it’s a strip about two guys who sit around and play video games? seems a tad cliche, doesn’t it?etc; Ok, im going to stop messing around, and please, Tim Buckley, work on Ethan and Friends again, seriously. I dont really think you could compare the amount of people who wants to know about Ethan than the people who wants to know the Mesocron of Knowledge comic strip. Just a thought. No hard feelings.

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Special Guide #2.

guide9specialSpecial Guide #2.

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I was out the whole day yesterday, and I thought about photography. I had my camera with me, and I took some shots, and apparently, the pictures was really good (to me and my friends). So I wondered about making this a regular thing, to be going out three times a week and take some shots around the city.

I have set my eyes on a Canon Eos 400D camera, and I’m thinking about purchasing it, so I can take some shots and post it on the blog. Dont worry, I will still have time for gaming, that’s for sure. I’ll be out for maximum 5 hours, and when I get back, I’ll transfer it to my computer and done. I’m free to do whatever I like after that.

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Guide #8 Special.

guide8A special Guide, brought to you specially by STARTLOCK.

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This is rich.

This is really rich: PhD. Yeah, not the doctor type of PhD. This is, Pretty Huge Dick. This really suits it.

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Season 1 – 6 most annoying Friends character: Monica.

Season 7 – 10 most annoying Friends character: Ross.

It’s just a coincidence. In the show, Monica and Ross are siblings. Is that a family tradition to be annoying and fucked up? Monica makes stupid and fucking annoying faces and noises from Season 1 to 6. Now, Ross get’s fucking stupid with his decisions in Season 7 to 10. Let’s talk about Ross’s stupid decision. He gets Rachel pregnant, for one reason: He wants Rachel to himself. I mean, how hard is that to figure out for Joey?

Ross says he is on a break with Rachel, but then he still has this feelings for her and gets depressed because he has not had sex for 6 months. I mean, what the fucking fuck with him? I mean, make up your mind, Ross. If Ross was really my friend, I bet he will be in a world of pain right now.

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Choice of Music.

I would rather prefer 1970 – 1990’s songs rather than all the modern songs right now, because they just suck.

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