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Fast-food aint good?

Well that’s not enitrely true, because in my opinion, Burger King serves the healthiest burgers/food stuff among all the other Fast Food Restaurants. They have tomatos in their famous burgers onion rings and even though they serve fries (deep-friend stuff), their fries is one of the best among all the other fast food chains.

There is no salty taste, and it isn’t that oily. This is the only fries in the world that my grandmother would have eaten. So if you ever feel like eating fast food, go for BurgerKing ūüėČ

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Mmm, Cheesecake.

Cheesecake is good. The german cheesecake is quite good too. I think it’s called K√§sekuchen. I don’t really like the top part, but overall it’s nice. I love the classic one though.

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The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion gameplay is pretty weird. Your character walks in a odd manner and I dont really like the cluttered Health Bar and all the other bars. I guess I have been playing Fable II too much. Anyway, Elder Scrolls has a really nice sound detail. Like when you get inside a building (the door sound), people talking and stuff like that.

Anyway, I had pizza for dinner. I ate a whole box because none of my friends eats Pepperoni. I mean, it’s a universal pizza. Pfft.

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Weird recipe.

I just came up with a brilliant idea for a quick snack. It isn’t that filling but it’s still good. Pour some chocolate powder into a bowl. Take some sweetened condensed milk and pour it in the bowl. Mix it all together and then serve. It’s really good.

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I just noticed that Rachael from Friends (i’m talking about the character), is a total bitch. Watch the episode 2 on Season 3, and you’ll find out. She acts like a total bitch about not going to the fucking dinner party or some shit.. It’s just so typical bitches to do that.

The only people I dont really hate in that show is Joey and Phoebe. Both of them are great, and never ever spoils the show or whatever.

Anyway enough ranting, I had Tuna Sandwiches and some hot chocolate for this late-breakfast. It was really delicious, although I wish it was Pretzels with mustard. Heh.

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I really wish the internet wouldn’t lag every night. It’s like, a routine or something. Steady in the morning and fucky in the night. I mean, come on, wont the government do something about this? This is becoming a nuisance now, and it’s already getting REALLY annoying.

On the other hand of the rainbow, I had afew Ding Dongs (the chocolate stuff), and it’s really delicious. I’m going to buy a whole box tomorrow. Share with my friends if I might.

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Brooklyn style pizza.

Yeah, from Dominos. Yum, I just tried it today, and they were so nice, Im planning to eat it all week, and just like Joey, every friday I’ll order two pizzas, pepperoni. Mm.

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