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How do I remove unwanted blogs on my Blogroll? I’m trying to remove 4 of those blogs (not naming any), because mainly they dont update reguarlarly and I dont see any point in reading their entries because they have no use for me and they are completely boring (sorry guys).

Anyway, I haven’t been playing Runescape for almost 2 days now, because I have no real armor because I have completely sold my Dharoks for cash to train my Construction level, and now I regret doing it. I now have a Rune plate, Rune legs, Helmet of Neitiznot, Abyssal Whip, Rune Defender, Combat Bracelet and Mountain Boots, Amulet of Glory and Saradomin Cape as my combat outfit.

I really need to start making money again.

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Requirement: You can start off as a Level 3, but I would recommend A level that has atleast 20HP or more. If you think you are skilled enough, try it with 10HP 🙂

Strategy: Go to Draynor Village and fish shrimps (according to your level). Once you have enough shrimps (50 or above), cook them, because 60% of the fishes will be burnt. Once you have enough Cooked Shrimps, make your way to Barbarian Village.

Step 1: Speak to the Female Barbarian which does not have the option to attack. She can be found somewhere in the middle of Barbarian Village. Talk to her and she will tell you about a ‘explorer’ who went down in there and has never came out since. Go down the hole and you will find yourself in a “Dungeon” like area. Go past the door (You can’t miss this) and answer the security questions (The place is called the ‘Security Stronghold‘). You will find some Minotaurs, just ignore them and past them. Make your way to the middle of the Dungeon, and open the Gift of Peace chest. You will receive 2,000GP and the Flap Emote. Go down the ladder to go on the room.

Step 2: This level is called the Catacomb of Famine, a place  filled with Zombies, Giant Rats and Flesh Crawlers (All of them are high levels). DO NOT CLIMB ANY OF THE LADDERS YOU SEE. IF YOU CLIMB THEM, YOU WILL BE BACK AT THE START POINT. Remember, most monsters here are very agressive, so keep running past them, so they wont hurt you so much. Remember, eat the Shrimps if your health is below 6. When you reach to the Rewards Room, open the Grain of Plenty chest, and you will receive 3,000GP and the Slap Head emote. Head down the ladder to advance to the next level.

Step 3: This level is called the Pit of Pestilence. This level is filled with Poison Scorpions, Giant Spiders, Spiders and the Catablepon. Again, this monsters are agressive, so it is best you ignore them and try to reach the Reward Room. Once there, open the Box of Health, and you will receive 5,000GP and the Idea emote, also your stats will be restored to its normal levels. Climb down the ladder to advance to the next level.

Step 4: NOW, BE CAREFUL, THIS IS THE LAST LEVEL OF THE STRONGHOLD OF SECURITY, AND THIS LEVEL IS FILLED WITH GHOSTS (Level 79), SKELETONS (Level 68) AND ANKOUS (Level 86). Make sure you rest to restore your Energy Points to its maximum, because you have to run in all the time in this level. The Ghosts and Ankous could hit you up till a max of 10, so be careful. Once you arrive at the reward room, search the Cradle of Life, and you will receive either Fancy Boots or Fighting Boots (your choice) and also the Stamp Foot emote. Finally climb the chain and leave.

There you go, your fast and easy 10K in maybe just in 30-Minutes.

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Just to be clear, Miniclippers AKA New Players of Runescape, you are not cool by tauting Old Skool Players that you have higher stats than us. We dont give a shit about your stupid 99 Attack or 99 Strength etc;. With the right technique in fighting, we can fucking own you in Wilderness; Oops, I forgot, Jagex removed that, so we will fucking own you in a PvP world or in Duel Arena.

And dont go around telling people you’ve been playing for 4 years. That means nothing, really. Old skool people = been playing eversince RSC. We’ve been there, and we have supported Jagex. Dont go around flaming in World 1 saying “Jagex bring back the old wilderness” when you have only experienced PKing during RS2. You have no right to be changing stuff, so shut the fuck up and play as it is.

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I’m sure something has angered you in Runescape before, be it someone stealing your Rock, or Stealing your Monsters etc;. Here is my top 5 list of annoying things in Runescape.

  1. Miniclippers or players who have just joined within a year and tries to act like they have been playing for years or tries to make stupid suggestions to improve the game. They also make suggestions that are worthless, like someone asking, “What’s the best place to train Attack/Strength/Defense?”, and then this miniclippers says “I think Experiments are good etc;”. I mean, Experiments is full of pures and their EXP is just as normal as Yaks.
  2. Members who stand in Varrock Square in one group and waits for F2P players to come and praise them and ask them where they got their member stuff etc;. I mean, come on, you have a right to show off, but are you really that desperate to attract attention, attention seeker?
  3. Relationships over the game is meaningless. I see (probably 10 year old kids) players (male and female) following each other, and just like, praise each other, or try to impress the female when theres a situation like 2 Males and a Female etc;. The female would probably be a guy, so dont be excited when a girl comes up to you and say “You look hawt”.
  4. “That’s my rock. Get another world”. Ok, what the fuck? This is a stupid thing to be arguing about, seriously.

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Sorry Xbox360.

Sorry, but I have found Runescape much more better than any Xbox game out there, so I’ll be sitting all of those xbox stuff out. Now it’s Runescape talk, sorry.

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Runescape in High Defination is really great. It has a wide view and really nice designs. Take a look:


That’s the main log-in screen. Check out the gameplay in HD (Half-Screen):


I numbered the parts which I actually liked in Runescape HD HS.

  1. The Chat-Box. It has a very nice fade-out border line, and the color of the words are my favorite type of blue.
  2. Wide angle view, awesome. Detailed roads, grass, trees, buldings etc;
  3. And lastly, the ‘Close whenever you want’ inventory space. Just click on the inventory bagpack and the ‘Pop-up’ screen will disappear. It’s really quite amazing Jagex could do this. Runescape has improved so much (Game graphics wise).

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I remembered playing Runescape eversince it was still a 2D game. It was called: Runescape Classic. Classic it was, really. During that time (2000-2002), those type of games were the ‘big’ stuff. Nothing was 3D, yet. I guess Runescape was one of the MMORPGS which upgraded its game to a 3 dimesional one. Once RS 2 arrived, everyone came flocking in and started registering. Back then the game was booming with 1 million + players, but now sadly: 50K ++.

Runescape changed too much. No wilderness PKing, no merchanting (The players used to control the market in the game. Now with the new Grand Exchange, Runescape rules us now). This was one of the cons that people go around in crowded worlds shouting “RS is dead”, “Bring back the Wildy!” etc;. Maybe they are right. Runescape should come back to their original state. One of the Pros Runescape did was the Runescape HD. The graphics were way much better and they finally added facial features on the bottom box (Chat Box).

Here’s a little look of what Runescape is now, in HD:

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

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As most of you have heard, Grand Theft Auto IV is a excellent game. It’s very realistic, the graphics are spectacular and the combat system is really amazing. Rockstar really go on most of the details in the game, such as: You can’t call your cousin or your friend up anytime and expect them to play pool/darts or go with you to a show or drinking etc; Sometimes they say they’re busy, or low on cash etc;.

Here is the list of my favorite things to do in Grand Theft Auto IV.

  • Play Pool with my Friends/Cousin.
  • Spawn a Turismo and speed on the highway/bridge, and then press Y.
  • Try to outrun the cops in 6 Stars.
  • Picking fights with street thugs.
  • Just go around pulling people out of their cars/Wreck havoc in the city.

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Grand Theft Auto IV.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a great game. Great graphics, great gameplay and great plot, but there are some minor flaws such as doing Cop (side missions) to capture wanted criminals etc;. I mean, there’s only possibly 2 ways to get a police vehicle: From the Police Station (85% chance you wont get caught) or dialling 911 (well this is probably obvious, because you are entering a police vehicle with a police officer in it). Yeah, theres some other flaws, but the game is great.

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Apparently, there are loads of celebrities who plays the Xbox 360. Have I said this before? Anyway, poke around in Xbox.com to find out Jack Black’s GT.

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