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How do I remove unwanted blogs on my Blogroll? I’m trying to remove 4 of those blogs (not naming any), because mainly they dont update reguarlarly and I dont see any point in reading their entries because they have no use for me and they are completely boring (sorry guys).

Anyway, I haven’t been playing Runescape for almost 2 days now, because I have no real armor because I have completely sold my Dharoks for cash to train my Construction level, and now I regret doing it. I now have a Rune plate, Rune legs, Helmet of Neitiznot, Abyssal Whip, Rune Defender, Combat Bracelet and Mountain Boots, Amulet of Glory and Saradomin Cape as my combat outfit.

I really need to start making money again.

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Those blogs on my Blogroll, there’s only 4 of them which I check regularly. The others are just ‘back then’ type of blogs.

  1. The Joystick Cafe.
  2. Interesting Times.
  3. Demonj\’s Blog.
  4. Outer Heaven.

The Joystick Cafe:

The author writes lots of good stuff, which varies from Movies to Drinks to Games to Youtube Videos etc;. Although he does not provide that many game guides, I like it that he writes his entries in such detail (Or something like that).

Interesting Times:

Really interesting, just like the Blog tittle. It’s quite original to be writing your entries in a form of a comic. His art isn’t the best, but I like it simple. A nice stickman with facial features is good.

Demonj\’s Blog:

Loads of stuff about games and Xbox360 updates etc; which I dont really bother reading, but I find his guide interesting. He does his weekly round up or something like that, which is kinda cool.

Outer Heaven:

Outer Heaven. It’s a blog about ‘hands on’ gaming entries written by a female. I think her name is Kelly or something, and she digs Xbox360 games and stuff. Very useful guide on Fallout 3, so check it out when you get stuck in F3 or something.

So give this blogs a visit some time, eh?

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Runescape in High Defination is really great. It has a wide view and really nice designs. Take a look:


That’s the main log-in screen. Check out the gameplay in HD (Half-Screen):


I numbered the parts which I actually liked in Runescape HD HS.

  1. The Chat-Box. It has a very nice fade-out border line, and the color of the words are my favorite type of blue.
  2. Wide angle view, awesome. Detailed roads, grass, trees, buldings etc;
  3. And lastly, the ‘Close whenever you want’ inventory space. Just click on the inventory bagpack and the ‘Pop-up’ screen will disappear. It’s really quite amazing Jagex could do this. Runescape has improved so much (Game graphics wise).

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I remembered playing Runescape eversince it was still a 2D game. It was called: Runescape Classic. Classic it was, really. During that time (2000-2002), those type of games were the ‘big’ stuff. Nothing was 3D, yet. I guess Runescape was one of the MMORPGS which upgraded its game to a 3 dimesional one. Once RS 2 arrived, everyone came flocking in and started registering. Back then the game was booming with 1 million + players, but now sadly: 50K ++.

Runescape changed too much. No wilderness PKing, no merchanting (The players used to control the market in the game. Now with the new Grand Exchange, Runescape rules us now). This was one of the cons that people go around in crowded worlds shouting “RS is dead”, “Bring back the Wildy!” etc;. Maybe they are right. Runescape should come back to their original state. One of the Pros Runescape did was the Runescape HD. The graphics were way much better and they finally added facial features on the bottom box (Chat Box).

Here’s a little look of what Runescape is now, in HD:

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

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Just some fast facts: PB Season 1 has 22 Episodes, and the first episode aired on August 29, 2005.

Anyway, Prison Break is a excellent show about Michael Scofield, a younger brother of a framed man, Lincoln Burrows (Framed for killing the Vice-President’s brother), who tries to break his brother out of Fox River State Penitentiary. In the process of doing so, Michael meets people who are important in making this breakout a successful one. He encountered some difficulties and even had to sacrifice some of his body parts {SPOILER: Toes).


Season 1 just mainly concetrates about how Michael Scofield tries to get his brother out of the prison (He had planned the escape). He meets a mob boss named John Abruzzi, Rapist and Murderer Theodore “T-bag” Bagwell, Illegal smuggler Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin, Robber Fernando Sucre (Michael’s cellmate) and Pickpocket David “Tweener” Apolskis. Everyone plays a part in this show, such as John Abruzzi has a Private Plane, T-Bag (Well he was useful in Season 2), C-Note in helping cover up the hole in the guard’s break room and Fernando Sucre, well, his a thief, he carjacks etc;.

Watch the show to find out more.

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As many people might know, Imageshack is a free online media hosting. I’ve been using it for years now, until now. I’m a member in a Forum, and Imageshack has been giving me this problem. I mean, the link they produce ain’t working. The upload was fast, but the link wouldn’t work in the Forum. Try it: Imageshack.

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Season 1 – 2: Nobody was funny during this few seasons, probably because they were new to each other or probably they are just bad actors/actresses. Friends really improved their acting skills.

Season 3: Obviously Rachel and Monica. They were not funny at all. Joey, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe showed tremendous amount of humor and classic jokes.

Season 4: Rachel and Monica, again. I have to say, Monica only got funny after season 6.

Season 5: Rachel and Monica, yet again. Joey was hilarious during this season. Chandler has dropped alittle, but he’s fine.

Season 6: Great season. Everyone was funny in Season 6.

Season 7: Chandler. His voice, his look, ugh. He’s jokes aren’t funny for this season. Episode 7 was terrible.

Season 8: Rachel. This result is probably because Rachel is pregnant, and her whining and sarcastic jokes are terrible. She was annoying in this season.

Season 9: Chandler. I don’t find him funny in this season.

Season 10: Rachel, Chandler, Monica. Rachel just looks sad in this season, with her long hair and red nose. Chandler was the typical ‘husband’ type of guy, with no more sarcastic jokes. Even if there are, they are not funny. Monica was back to sad and annoying, which is a terrible combination.

Overall: The most unfunny character in Friends: Rachel.

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As most of you have heard, Grand Theft Auto IV is a excellent game. It’s very realistic, the graphics are spectacular and the combat system is really amazing. Rockstar really go on most of the details in the game, such as: You can’t call your cousin or your friend up anytime and expect them to play pool/darts or go with you to a show or drinking etc; Sometimes they say they’re busy, or low on cash etc;.

Here is the list of my favorite things to do in Grand Theft Auto IV.

  • Play Pool with my Friends/Cousin.
  • Spawn a Turismo and speed on the highway/bridge, and then press Y.
  • Try to outrun the cops in 6 Stars.
  • Picking fights with street thugs.
  • Just go around pulling people out of their cars/Wreck havoc in the city.

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A game crisis.

I have no topics to be talking about (gaming related). Ok, seriously, I have nothing to talk about. Uh, what the fuck?

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I can’t believe Nick and Starr won the race. I mean, it was quite obvious they would win the race because of their competitiveness and their speed, but I really wanted Ken and Tina to win. (Ken to win, actually). Was a good show, and I would certainly watch Season 14.

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