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Check out Tim Buckley’s famous and funny comic strips on ctrlaltdel-online. Right, onto the subject. Is this the kind where a comic strip that has a very addictive storyline just gets erased by it’s author? Because before this comic strip and a few others, there was a strip about Ethan getting his own Game Store. I think thousands of people were really excited on knowing what happens next, but dissappointed after dissappointment appeared when the author keeps on releasing off-topic comic strips about other stuff, just like the one shown in my blog. I mean, Its fine with all the off-topic stuff, but dont you think it’s time to be drawing about Ethan & Friends again? I mean, this is Ctrl+Alt+Del after all right?

The first comic strip says: “So, it’s a strip about two guys who sit around and play video games? seems a tad cliche, doesn’t it?etc; Ok, im going to stop messing around, and please, Tim Buckley, work on Ethan and Friends again, seriously. I dont really think you could compare the amount of people who wants to know about Ethan than the people who wants to know the Mesocron of Knowledge comic strip. Just a thought. No hard feelings.


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Season 1 – 6 most annoying Friends character: Monica.

Season 7 – 10 most annoying Friends character: Ross.

It’s just a coincidence. In the show, Monica and Ross are siblings. Is that a family tradition to be annoying and fucked up? Monica makes stupid and fucking annoying faces and noises from Season 1 to 6. Now, Ross get’s fucking stupid with his decisions in Season 7 to 10. Let’s talk about Ross’s stupid decision. He gets Rachel pregnant, for one reason: He wants Rachel to himself. I mean, how hard is that to figure out for Joey?

Ross says he is on a break with Rachel, but then he still has this feelings for her and gets depressed because he has not had sex for 6 months. I mean, what the fucking fuck with him? I mean, make up your mind, Ross. If Ross was really my friend, I bet he will be in a world of pain right now.

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The NXE.

Before anyone get emotional on me, let me say this: What I am about to write is MY OPINION:

The New Xbox Experience, suck. I mean, cute-avatars? It’s just so feminine. Male species like me dont really dig cute-avatars. I miss my old MasterChief.

The NXE concept sucks terribly, because I cant find myself adapting to the concept. I like things simple, just like the old Xbox 360 Concept. It’s just like flipping through some files looking for games/videos. Also, there is quite a flaw on the new concept: I keep on getting this ‘File not Found, Please try again later’ and ‘File has been deleted’ messages. It kinda get’s annoying when you get that alot of times.

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I am furious.

Come on Ross, Joey and Rachael are meant to be together, and he just keeps on spoiling things. He already has Charlie for fucking sake, so stop bothering Rachael and fucking hell shit else.

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I wished Joey could have just told Ross that he and Rachael is an item now. I mean, why would Ross say nice things about Joey and fuck, I wished Friends is a 2008 production, and I really wished I could just write to the producers/directors to make Joey and Rachael stay together as a couple.

I mean, everyone should have a couple. Chandler and Monica, perfect. Joey and Rachael, perfect. Ross and whoever I dont care, perfect. Phoebe and Mike, perfect. Damnit Ross, fuck you. You always spoil things.

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Joey and Rachael.

Their relationship should happen. Right now I’m fucking furious with Ross, because he is such a motherfucker. He is always the reason why people break-up and shit. Why do they care so much about the dinosaur-freak’s feelings? I mean, the other friends have lifes too though. Ross always gets the girls, like Mona, Charlie, and he has been with Rachael 3 times and fucking shit.

Man, If I was the fucking director I would be making Joey and Rachael a perfect item and then I’ll kill Ross off the show so that he wont bother the other friends. Ugh, Ross is like the asshole between all the friends. I mean, Chandler doesn’t mess other’s relationship up. FUCK IT.

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Wow, for the first time.

I have nothing to talk about in this blog. Everything seems so glum and fucking shit and I am fucking furious right now because I wanna write an entry but I dont know shit fuck it.

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