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Season 3 mainly concentrates on the two brothers and the new problems they face. Michael is in Sona, a Panamanian Prison, and his brother, Lincoln Burrows, outside prison, trying to negotiate with people to get his brother out of the prison. Sara is gone and supposedly have been ‘Killed’, stated Gretchen (The new Evil character in PB). Michael sees familiar faces in Sona, such as Brad Bellick, Alexander Mahone, T-Bag and he has also made a new friend, the basketballer and James Whistler.

James whistler is a guy who which the company has ordered Michael to break him out. Skipping some parts, Michael gets James out of prison, and the exchange was made, but without Sara. Michael wants revenge, but that’s all in Season 4, so you’ll find out later what actually happened to Sara. Sucre is thrown into Sona after Michael made the escape because a guard found out his true identity. But in Season 4, they will tell you that a riot broke out in Sona, leading to Prisoners escaping, including Brad Bellick, T-Bag and Sucre.

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Prison Break Season 2 invites a new face to the show: Alexander Mahone (Potrayed by William Fichtner). Alexander Mahon, a FBI Agent, is set to track down the Fox River 8, which are: Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows, Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell, John Abruzzi, Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin, Charles “Haywire” Patoshik and David “Tweener” Apolskis. When these 8 inmates didn’t catch John Abruzzi’s flight, they set off running. Michael Schofield has loads more to offer than you think.

Fast facts: The second season consists of 22 episodes and the first episode aired on 21st of August 2006.


After missing the flight to Mexico, the Fox River 8 heads off to their main destination: Tooele, Utah to find DB Cooper’s hidden treasure, the 5 Million USD he hid during the hijacking of the plane.

After a few problems (Always happens in Prison Break), the brothers manage to land in Panama (Not part of their plan, actually?). They work together with Bellick to capture T-Bag and get back the money, but things went wrong, and Michael ended up sticking a knife through T-Bag’s other hand and landed in Sona, a prison overruned by criminals and rapists etc;. A lawyer (?) tells Lincoln that “Sona is a one-way street. Once you’re in, you’ll never come out (alive?)”.

The season ends with Michael entering a room (Which was really bright, so you wouldn’t know what it was until the 3rd Season). Season 3 is going to be great, but a little cliche, but it’s good. New plot and new things to work on for Michael Scofield. Once he gets out, they will be a whole other different story (Watch & see).

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Just some fast facts: PB Season 1 has 22 Episodes, and the first episode aired on August 29, 2005.

Anyway, Prison Break is a excellent show about Michael Scofield, a younger brother of a framed man, Lincoln Burrows (Framed for killing the Vice-President’s brother), who tries to break his brother out of Fox River State Penitentiary. In the process of doing so, Michael meets people who are important in making this breakout a successful one. He encountered some difficulties and even had to sacrifice some of his body parts {SPOILER: Toes).


Season 1 just mainly concetrates about how Michael Scofield tries to get his brother out of the prison (He had planned the escape). He meets a mob boss named John Abruzzi, Rapist and Murderer Theodore “T-bag” Bagwell, Illegal smuggler Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin, Robber Fernando Sucre (Michael’s cellmate) and Pickpocket David “Tweener” Apolskis. Everyone plays a part in this show, such as John Abruzzi has a Private Plane, T-Bag (Well he was useful in Season 2), C-Note in helping cover up the hole in the guard’s break room and Fernando Sucre, well, his a thief, he carjacks etc;.

Watch the show to find out more.

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Season 1 – 2: Nobody was funny during this few seasons, probably because they were new to each other or probably they are just bad actors/actresses. Friends really improved their acting skills.

Season 3: Obviously Rachel and Monica. They were not funny at all. Joey, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe showed tremendous amount of humor and classic jokes.

Season 4: Rachel and Monica, again. I have to say, Monica only got funny after season 6.

Season 5: Rachel and Monica, yet again. Joey was hilarious during this season. Chandler has dropped alittle, but he’s fine.

Season 6: Great season. Everyone was funny in Season 6.

Season 7: Chandler. His voice, his look, ugh. He’s jokes aren’t funny for this season. Episode 7 was terrible.

Season 8: Rachel. This result is probably because Rachel is pregnant, and her whining and sarcastic jokes are terrible. She was annoying in this season.

Season 9: Chandler. I don’t find him funny in this season.

Season 10: Rachel, Chandler, Monica. Rachel just looks sad in this season, with her long hair and red nose. Chandler was the typical ‘husband’ type of guy, with no more sarcastic jokes. Even if there are, they are not funny. Monica was back to sad and annoying, which is a terrible combination.

Overall: The most unfunny character in Friends: Rachel.

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I can’t believe Nick and Starr won the race. I mean, it was quite obvious they would win the race because of their competitiveness and their speed, but I really wanted Ken and Tina to win. (Ken to win, actually). Was a good show, and I would certainly watch Season 14.

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I’ve been watching alot of TAR lately, and it’s been great. I mean, the show is pretty intense. I caught up to the latest episode, and now it’s time for the last episode on Sunday. I really hope either the Frat Boys or Tina and Ken wins the race.

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Hey. Was bored earlier on today, so I just fired the 360 and played some Fable II. Fable II is really a great game, and It’s hard to get bored of it. I mean, on the first play, it was quite boring, but after a few thinking, I noticed that its those kind of game that you cant get enough of.

So while playing, I decided to create a new hero, of which is a pure Will user. Disruption comes when I bought the Great Axe, which was a magnificent piece of weaponary. So I decided to use Will, and then finish off my opponents with a blow of the Great Axe. I’m trying very hard to get a better axe, because all I have currently is 864 Gold Pieces.

ANYWAY, I’ve yet to try out a Female Hero. Probably would be fun, because I have never seen a Female Hero on Fable II. Maybe I’ll try it out once I find the time for it. I’m currently just chilling on the PC, watching some Friends and reading up on Looking for Group. I really love the Warlock character, Richard. Him with his Fork and Ponies.

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