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Season 1 – 6 most annoying Friends character: Monica.

Season 7 – 10 most annoying Friends character: Ross.

It’s just a coincidence. In the show, Monica and Ross are siblings. Is that a family tradition to be annoying and fucked up? Monica makes stupid and fucking annoying faces and noises from Season 1 to 6. Now, Ross get’s fucking stupid with his decisions in Season 7 to 10. Let’s talk about Ross’s stupid decision. He gets Rachel pregnant, for one reason: He wants Rachel to himself. I mean, how hard is that to figure out for Joey?

Ross says he is on a break with Rachel, but then he still has this feelings for her and gets depressed because he has not had sex for 6 months. I mean, what the fucking fuck with him? I mean, make up your mind, Ross. If Ross was really my friend, I bet he will be in a world of pain right now.


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It’s weird on how Ross gets nervous/scared upon hearing that Mona decides to give out Holiday Cards together with him. Why would he be afraid just because its a fact that only married couples give out Holiday Cards together? I mean, It’s not a big deal, and their relationship should move foward right? It’s not only this episode, there are dozens more that are related to ‘relationships that aren’t moving forward’ type of situation. For example, Season 7 Episode 23. Chandler freaks out because he heard Monica saying ‘If you are calling after Saturday, we are, The Bings!’. I mean, what the fuck? Just because of a stupid name he freaks out? I mean, is there such a person in the world who is like that?

Ross situation is very obvious that the creators of Friends just want Ross to end up with Rachel or wants their watchers to think that Ross would end up with Rachel. They have been putting Ross with so many ‘long’ relationships with extras like, Elizabeth and Mona and just to end up with a break-up because of a silly thing, such as for Mona, relationship moving too fast or something and Elizabeth like, she is waay to young for him etc;.

Although you could really see through the plot of the show from the 5th season, it’s still fun to watch your expectations to happen. Friends is a hilarious show. I dont really like the plot, but it’s still very hilarious.

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I can’t believe that Chandler is voted ‘The most popular Friends character‘, which was closely followed by Joey Tribbiani. Wikipedia says that people voted Chandler because of his overall good nature, sarcasm (quite true), cheeky personality (not much), legendary wit and non-stop barrage of jokes. I mean, his jokes aren’t that funny as Joey’s epic face and hilarious things he says.

I feel that joey should be voted the most popular Friends character and Monica ‘The most annoying Friends character’.

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Brief explanation: Monica tells Rachael that she wants her to move out because she wants to live with Chandler etc;.

Monica gets upset because she didn’t make Rachael feel emotional. What do women want really?

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Now that I have almost watched all the Friends episodes, It’s only time for me to re-watch it again. Love the scene where in Episode 19 in Season 6, Joey pushes Ross to the fridge and then blames him for breaking his fridge and then so on.. Joey is fucking funny dudes.

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I just noticed that Rachael from Friends (i’m talking about the character), is a total bitch. Watch the episode 2 on Season 3, and you’ll find out. She acts like a total bitch about not going to the fucking dinner party or some shit.. It’s just so typical bitches to do that.

The only people I dont really hate in that show is Joey and Phoebe. Both of them are great, and never ever spoils the show or whatever.

Anyway enough ranting, I had Tuna Sandwiches and some hot chocolate for this late-breakfast. It was really delicious, although I wish it was Pretzels with mustard. Heh.

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Season 9 Episode 5.

Check out Joey in that episode. He is so funny when he cant wait to eat at the restaurant.

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