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Introduction: Gears of War is not a Strategy game, just for your information. Gears of War is much better (for me) than a FPS Game, mainly because Gears of War does not make your head spin, and the controls are easy to adapt to and the camera view is excellent. You play Marcus Fenix, a soldier under the COG unit (Coalition of Ordered Governments) who got locked up in a prison in the beginning, and was saved by your buddy, Dominic Santiago.

Gameplay: Gears of War’s gameplay is very unique, most probably because of the cover system and the ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ camera position.

  • The cover system, which is quite obvious, is your character covering from cover to cover to dodge enemy fire. The best and fastest technique in covering is that you duck and run (Hold A) and then when you see yourself close to a cover (boulder or wall etc;), press A again, and your character will automatically cover himself. I think you get the idea.
  • The ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ camera position is excellent and unique, because you can see what your character looks like, how he moves and there is a wide angle for you to look out for your opponents be it in Multiplayer or Singleplayer (This ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ camera position is a great help in close combat like shotgun fights or chainsaw duels etc;).
  • The weapons are amazing, such as the very unique weapon, the Lancer. The lancer is your everyday bulky rifle, with a chainsaw attached to it. How cool is that? Long-Range combat and Short-Range combat. When your opponents gets too close for comfort, show him what your chainsaw can do. But beware though, the chainsaw kill is a little bit slow, so when you see another opponent coming in, dont chainsaw the other opponent. The other dude could just run towards you and blast you off with a shotgun. So thats tip #1.

Multiplayer: Multiplayer gameplay is great, I might have stated this in the Gameplay section, but yeah. It is true. GoW in multiplayer could be the best multiplayer you could ever have in your X360, besides from Racing games etc;. Because of the wide angle from the excellent ‘Over-The-Shoulder’ camera, you can easily spot your opponents coming towards you. So, you could be prepared, get some cover etc;. The maps are excellent. I would recommend some easy maps for beginners such as Gridlock, Mansion or even Canals. Not to say the other maps are too advanced, but you could try it.

Overall: Gears of War is definately in my top 10 list of awesome/favorite games. This game deserves a 9/10 (Sometimes in Singleplayer, your teammates just cant work with you. You tell them to regroup and they say ‘Negative’. Should be a problem there, but who cares). Gears of War 2 is a definate buy for me, but not now. I’ve got other games to consider buying first anyway.


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