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Fallout 3.

I suddenly have this need to play Fallout 3. I mean, I’ve tried it before, and I feel that I want more than just a try. Today, I watched the gameplay trailer, and I feel that I miss playing some FPS games. I’m thinking that I should just break the ‘budget’ barrier and buy the game tomorrow.

I mean, it’s just one game..

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doughboy-and-fallout1I knew something was similar about this two Icons: The Fallout kid and the Pillsbury Doughboy. They had two things in common: Quite always smiling and have their hands streched out for either joy or a walking stance or just holding up something.

SPEAKING OF Fallout, I feel so left out because of this stupid budget thing. It’s making me feel very left out, seriously. I have not even tried Fallout 3 yet, because I already spent 2 games this month. It’s really frustrating, because there are so many games that I want to get. This month I got Fable II and pre-ordered Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, and now I just have to wait for December to get Fallout 3 and Gears of War 2. I thinking about removing the budget system, after all this is my money I’m talking about. Pfft, maybe I will. Ttyl.

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A money’s worth.

Well, I have decided to kind of cut back alittle with the purchasing of games. Maybe I’ll just set it at 2 games per month, thats like good enough, because I am spending 140 bucks each month, and roughly around a year, I spend like (hopefully) 1680 Bucks.. Oh, that is a huge amount, but atleast its for a year, rather than spending 4 games per month, and that turns out as 3360 Bucks per year.

I am also hoping that the price of games could be lowered down. 70 bucks for a game is outrageous man. Fable II is a next-gen game, but the graphics suuuuccckkks! I cant be paying 70 bucks for that kind of sucky graphics (which I did).

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