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Introduction: Clockstoppers is about a teenage male named Zak, who is on a quest to get enough money to buy his dream car, a red chervolette car (model unknown). After gathering all the money, he is upset by his father, who delays on checking the car on the same day he gathered enough money. His mysterious adventure begins after he took his father’s creation, the QT watch, which could slow down time or freeze time.

Plot: The plot was kinda obvious (Father get’s taken away by the QT Guards, Relationship with Francesca (The new kid in school) etc;), but the show was good. I liked the idea of using Blink 182’s songs in the show, because the show was the kind of ‘Teenager american life etc;’ theme. They used “All the small things” and “First date“. I should say that the choice of song for the theme of the show was excellent. The idea was unique, stopping time with a digital watch, because most of the time only people with ‘superpowers’ could stop time etc;. I dont think there is much to go through with the plot because of (SPOILERS).


  • Horrible graphics, example: Meeker (Zak’s friend) doing hand-stands on the DJ Table and the bike running over water etc; But graphics like that in 2001/2002 is pretty impressive.
  • Humor in the show is not that very humorous.
  • The gadget behind Zak’s back, too ‘science boy comic-like’. I mean, it looks so fake, like he got that from a costume party or something.

Overall: 6/10 (Nothing awesome, but still pretty good to watch).

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