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Check out Tim Buckley’s famous and funny comic strips on ctrlaltdel-online. Right, onto the subject. Is this the kind where a comic strip that has a very addictive storyline just gets erased by it’s author? Because before this comic strip and a few others, there was a strip about Ethan getting his own Game Store. I think thousands of people were really excited on knowing what happens next, but dissappointed after dissappointment appeared when the author keeps on releasing off-topic comic strips about other stuff, just like the one shown in my blog. I mean, Its fine with all the off-topic stuff, but dont you think it’s time to be drawing about Ethan & Friends again? I mean, this is Ctrl+Alt+Del after all right?

The first comic strip says: “So, it’s a strip about two guys who sit around and play video games? seems a tad cliche, doesn’t it?etc; Ok, im going to stop messing around, and please, Tim Buckley, work on Ethan and Friends again, seriously. I dont really think you could compare the amount of people who wants to know about Ethan than the people who wants to know the Mesocron of Knowledge comic strip. Just a thought. No hard feelings.


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It seems that the author of Ctrl+Alt+Del seems to have forgotten about the storyline of Ethan & Friends. I mean, get back on the storyline. Instead, he makes some comic about MK vs DC (which was a incredible game) and apparently about Ethan the Space Archaeologist.

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Ctrlaltdel has not been updating their comics about Ethan and the whole ‘Gamehaven deed’ part. Instead, Tim made time to do a strip about some Gears of War 2 joke which is supposed to be ‘funny’ and some weird joke about a game or a mock or something. Come on, stop wasting time on other strips and get back to Ethan and the shop. I dont really find his comic strips funny, but they have a good plot. Something to know.

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Bright side.

On the brightside, today, I am really surprised that I have not touched the Xbox360 console for the whole day. I’m really missing to play Fable II. I have no idea why I could not just walk to the living room and pick that controller up and hit up some games or something. I also made my sandwiches today, and they turned out great. I loved the lettuce.

Anyway, just a coincidence, I think Ross’s face looks like Lucas from ctrlaltdel (online comic strip). Check this picture (not that very clear).


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Ctrl+Alt+Del is a webcomic about two friends who live their lives playing video games everyday. It’s a very neat plot, and the drawing is done by Tim Buckley. The art doesn’t suck because I love simple comics with a great plot. It really makes you laugh sometimes, because Ethan (one of the main characters) is a video game addict and his stupid jokes are not really stupid, but funny instead.

The other main character is Lucas, the matured one, but is also a video game addict but not as bad as his friend Ethan. Ethan’s girlfriend, Lilah, also plays video games, and on one of the comic strip, she quitted her job and wanted to become a professional gamer and earn money. But then, well.. Just read and you will find out yourself.

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