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Yeah, I dont really believe that Fable II has alot to offer after completing the main storyline. Yeah, the most people talk about is the side-quests, Gargoyle hunting etc;, but truthfully, there isn’t much to do is there? I mean, you could buy every single building in Albion, but thats no fun. Killing villagers and creating a family: Quite interesting, but it gets boring after a while.

Also, Albion has only 3 major towns: Oakfield, Bowerstone and Bloodstone, right? All the others are either swamps (Wraithmarsh) or forests and bandit camps (Rookridge, Brightwood). Oh, another small town is Westcliff, but that town doesn’t offer anything. Just your regular pub, weapon store, tattoo store and the Crucible, well, the Crucible is the only thing that is good and special.

I’m really looking foward to the expansion. Can’t wait to get the new clothes and weapons. Maybe they should come up with a powerful melee weapon, like a Axe or Hammer or something.

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Opt to turn off the “bread crumb trail”
Choose to play as a male or female character
Shoot a gun
Figure out how to earn money, because enemies won’t drop it
Explore 4 massive and distinct neighborhoods in Bowerstone
Buy one of the shops in the game and operate it
Steal things from shops (we’ve always wanted to do that)
Flirt with random NPCs in town
Or kill them
Marry the NPC (or multiple ones) of your choice
Get a divorce
Buy a giant castle
Become the mayor of a town
Adopt a unique breed of pet dog
And play fetch with it
Become a blacksmith
Get a tattoo
Grow old over the course of the game
Do community work service for crime
Have sex with NPCs (giggity!)
Suffer the consequences (children)
Raise children with the same facial features and attitudes as your character
Or send them to an orphanage

Become a bartender
Gain more experience for fighting with style
Bribe the police
Explore the sewers underneath the city of Bowerstone
Gain a tactical advantage from elevation in combat
Wield a hammer
Perform a human sacrifice
Go to the bookstore to read a training manual
Chicken kicking
Be memorialized as a statue
Become a vigilante and kill bandits
Buy furniture for your houses
Have a drinking contest with NPCs
Cause your dog to get fat by feeding it
Change your appearance depending on how wealthy, nice, or mean you are
Instantly switch from sword to magic to gun
Train your doggie using facial expressons
Play coop with a friend who can drop in at will
Even offline on the same console
Go on dates with NPCs
Chuck a bottle at an enemy
Become the subject of a bard’s song in the game
Slaughter livestock
Wear jewelry
Earn money from rent, and set the rent level for each property
Sick your dog on gun-wielding enemies
Permanently change the game landscape over the course of your life
Trade items between players during coop
Be essentially immortal
Adjust the loudness, tone and duration of farts
Wield a mace
Do a victory fist-pump
Fight trolls
Look after your dog when it is injured
Or let it limp around
Become emperor of the entire kingdom
Perform comedy routines for NPCs
Change the look of your dog depending on your actions
Decide how to split the loot earned during coop
Engage in a threesome (and get achievement points for it)
Verbally taunt NPCs and enemies
Make funny faces during cutscenes
Complete the main story in 12 hours or spend 100+ to discover everything

The ones which were bolded, is it even possible to do? Fable II is so weird. Theres no information on the website, and the features are kinda weird, because I cant seem to do it. And adopting a pet? Is it even possible? Is there even an orphanage? Its just so confusing. And also, thanks Xboxist for the list.

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Fable II Sequel.

Fable II Premium Downloadable Content

Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios Announce First Fable II Premium Downloadable Content

Fable II adventures continue with downloadable content and free pack to release mid-December 2008

The epic journey begun in Fable II, the fastest selling RPG on Xbox 360, is not over. Starting mid-December 2008, fans will be summoned back into Albion’s service with the release of the Knothole Island downloadable content pack. The remote island of Knothole is dying: its golden sands and lush vegetation are covered with snow, its people freezing, its treasures buried. Only a hero can face the trials of the three shrines to bring back the sunshine.

Following its release on Xbox 360 on Oct. 21, more than 1.5 million units of Fable II flew off store shelves worldwide in the first two weeks, making it the most popular game, across all platforms, in the U.S. in October. With the release of the first Fable II downloadable content, available exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for 800 Microsoft Points, gamers will be invited to set sail for Knothole Island, where new quests, wondrous items and bizarre characters await.

Also in mid-December, fans everywhere will be able to enhance their Fable II experience with the release of a free Fable II downloadable pack exclusively on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. To engage in co-op gameplay with a player who has already downloaded the Knothole Island content, gamers will need to download the free pack. Both co-op players must download the Knothole Island (Premium) pack in order to play new quests and enjoy the complete Knothole Island co-op experience.

Free and premium downloaders will receive a show of gifts, including Knight’s Boots, Assassins Gloves, a special Weight Loss Potion, collectible silver book and more. Players will also be able to check their standing in over 50 new Leaderboards on Lionhead.com.

As an additional treat for Fable II fans, Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios have created an all-new Albion dashboard theme in celebration of the launch of the New Xbox Experience. Fans who want to show off their Fable II pride can head over to Xbox LIVE Marketplace to download the Albion theme, available now for 250 Microsoft points.

Fable II is exclusively available on Xbox 360 and is rated “M” for Mature by the ESRB. Please visit: www.xbox.com/fable2 or www.lionhead.com/fable2 for more information.

Can’t wait for it’s release. I’m really looking forward to the customisable weapon and new outfits.

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Hey. Was bored earlier on today, so I just fired the 360 and played some Fable II. Fable II is really a great game, and It’s hard to get bored of it. I mean, on the first play, it was quite boring, but after a few thinking, I noticed that its those kind of game that you cant get enough of.

So while playing, I decided to create a new hero, of which is a pure Will user. Disruption comes when I bought the Great Axe, which was a magnificent piece of weaponary. So I decided to use Will, and then finish off my opponents with a blow of the Great Axe. I’m trying very hard to get a better axe, because all I have currently is 864 Gold Pieces.

ANYWAY, I’ve yet to try out a Female Hero. Probably would be fun, because I have never seen a Female Hero on Fable II. Maybe I’ll try it out once I find the time for it. I’m currently just chilling on the PC, watching some Friends and reading up on Looking for Group. I really love the Warlock character, Richard. Him with his Fork and Ponies.

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Fable II #2.

guide6Guide #6.

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guide5Guide #5.

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Review 1:

Fable II.

The Beginning: Firstly, you start out as a boy (note that your character does not have any voice/dialogue), who lives in the street of Bowerstone Old Town, a part of Albion. You (sparrow) and your sister (rose) finds a shop which sells ‘magical items’ which rose does not believe in, but then a lady named Theresa appears and hints to rose that it might be worth 5 gold coins to buy the ‘magic’ musical box which could grant 1 wish to the person who buys it.

Gameplay: You will enjoy the flexible gameplay of Fable II, because the special features is that you can wonder a world 10 times bigger than Fable, and you can absolutely do anything you want with the villagers. Firstly, you can start by entertaining them by doing some funny emotions such as Dancing, Whistling, Victory Arm Pump, Farting and also, this game features some ‘flirty’ stuff aswell, such as Pick-up lines, Seducing, Blow Kissing etc;. Flirting can be done with a man or a woman, it depends whether you want to just have fun and ‘who cares’ or you want to do the appropriate thing to bring back a girl to your house.

Flirting and Sex: It is incredible on how this is so fun to be messing around with. You can flirt with a woman, and then when the bar reaches to a ‘ring’, you can get married with her. So, you buy her/him a ring from the Jewellery/Gift shop, and then propose to her/him. After you get engaged, go to your house and set it as your marital house. Then after that, when she gets real horny, you can get her to sleep with your on the bed. Too bad folks, no sexual intercourse is seen on the screen. You can either choose Unprotected or Protected sex. I dont really have to say this, but this is a game feature: If you choose Unprotected sex, you will have a baby, and then you must take care of her and stuff, and then she’ll grow into a positive woman/man. If you kill your wife while there is a baby, the ‘ministry’ of marriage or something will confiscate your baby. So watch that sword, Heroes/demons.

Combat: Your hero does not die, you just get knocked out and then you’ll be revived again and you can continue to kick ass. Although, when you dont pick up the Experience/Strength/Will/Skill orbs, they will disappear once you get knocked out, so when you feel alittle loose, dont forget to pick all of the orbs alright? Right. The combat style is really interesting, because it’s really quick and easy. You can switch your ranged weapon with the Y button, and then you can switch back to your melee weapon with the X button. It’s really just one click and then you get your weapon of choice. If you dont feel like using realistic stuff, you can try your magic skills with a press of a B button and then your hero will attack with the magic of your choice. You can choose this either on the menu screen or just pressing and holding either RB or RT. Cant remember.

Weapons: Fable II offers loads of different types of weapons, such as Melee, Long Ranged and Magic, and each of them has alot of sub-categories. For weapons, you have Axes, Maces, Longswords, Cleavers, Hammers, Katanas and Cutlasses. It’s really cool to be playing with all this killing toys. Axes, Maces, Hammers and all those heavy looking stuff are all very strong but also very slow, so pick carefully. Dont forget about the legendary weapons such as the Daichi Katana, which isn’t heavy, but very light and fast and very strong with a eletrical kick with it. For long ranged, there is Blunderbusses(short barrelled weapons which have incredible damage in short-range), Crossbows, Clockwork Rifle (quite complicated, but it’s just like your normal rifle), Pistols and Turret Rifle (multiple barrels, each with it’s own chamber). It’s quite cool, because you get to play with guns in medieval/classical type of games. Lastly, you have Will, or Magic, some of you might say. You have a wide selection, starting from: Chaos, Force Push, Inferno, Raise Dead, Shock, Blades, Time Control and Vortex. I dont think this needs explaining. Everything is good, and you go have fun with it alright.

Crime and Jobs: Becareful walking through the streets of Bowerstone/Oakfield and other such places, because if you commit a crime, you may get caught and will be fined with a specific amount of fee. The crimes are the following: Assault (attacking with magic), Attempted Murder, Murder, Drunk and Disorderly Conduct (commiting a crime while drunk), Trespassing, Dereliction of payment (short for not paying your fine), Public Indecency, Extortion, Harassment, Vandalism, Resisting Arrest, Violating Parole and Stealing. Get these crimes into your head, and dont do them unless you have a huge sum of money you dont know what to do with. If you are a good hero, you do jobs to earn money. You can either do these jobs as offered: Bartenders, Woodcutters, Blacksmiths, Bounty Hunters, Civilian Displacement Agents (people who put other people as slaves) and Assassins. Well, if you dont want to do a job and would like to slaze around and doing nothing, you can resort to a crime, like stealing? But It might not be worth it, because you get caught EVERYTIME, OR if you dont want to do both, how about a little gamble at the local inn or something? There are three gambling games you can participate in order to get some cash: Spinnerbox (I have no idea what this is, just play it), Fortune’s Tower and Keystones. They are fun games, but I dont think you might earn alot of cash from it. If you would like to invest your money, you can buy a shop, and then it’ll earn you money every 5 Mintues. Great stuff.

Overall rating: Fable II deserves a 9/10 for being such a great game. It has more to offer than this review, but this review is still pretty good, because It covers most of the basic stuff. Alright, that’s about all of this game. Seriously, I enjoyed this game alot. I finished the whole game in just 3 days. Pretty neat stuff eh?

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