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Just to be clear, Miniclippers AKA New Players of Runescape, you are not cool by tauting Old Skool Players that you have higher stats than us. We dont give a shit about your stupid 99 Attack or 99 Strength etc;. With the right technique in fighting, we can fucking own you in Wilderness; Oops, I forgot, Jagex removed that, so we will fucking own you in a PvP world or in Duel Arena.

And dont go around telling people you’ve been playing for 4 years. That means nothing, really. Old skool people = been playing eversince RSC. We’ve been there, and we have supported Jagex. Dont go around flaming in World 1 saying “Jagex bring back the old wilderness” when you have only experienced PKing during RS2. You have no right to be changing stuff, so shut the fuck up and play as it is.


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