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I can’t believe that Chandler is voted ‘The most popular Friends character‘, which was closely followed by Joey Tribbiani. Wikipedia says that people voted Chandler because of his overall good nature, sarcasm (quite true), cheeky personality (not much), legendary wit and non-stop barrage of jokes. I mean, his jokes aren’t that funny as Joey’s epic face and hilarious things he says.

I feel that joey should be voted the most popular Friends character and Monica ‘The most annoying Friends character’.


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Now that I have almost watched all the Friends episodes, It’s only time for me to re-watch it again. Love the scene where in Episode 19 in Season 6, Joey pushes Ross to the fridge and then blames him for breaking his fridge and then so on.. Joey is fucking funny dudes.

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Ooh, Mystical.

I just decided who are the top 2 most funniest in Friends. Joey and Phoebe. It was a tough decision, because Ross and Chandler and Rachael are funny too, but. Hey, that doesn’t matter. I know who is first in the most funniest. Ross, Rachael, Monica, Phoebe, Joey and Chandler. Good eh? Everyone is funny! Woohoo.

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Yeah, you guys should really watch Friends (or re-watch it). It is the best and the funniest television shows ever. Not even Seinfield or My Wife and Kids and all the other sucky shows could beat it. It has the most original and the most hilarious jokes and stuff ever created from a man. I love the show.

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Ctrl+Alt+Del is a webcomic about two friends who live their lives playing video games everyday. It’s a very neat plot, and the drawing is done by Tim Buckley. The art doesn’t suck because I love simple comics with a great plot. It really makes you laugh sometimes, because Ethan (one of the main characters) is a video game addict and his stupid jokes are not really stupid, but funny instead.

The other main character is Lucas, the matured one, but is also a video game addict but not as bad as his friend Ethan. Ethan’s girlfriend, Lilah, also plays video games, and on one of the comic strip, she quitted her job and wanted to become a professional gamer and earn money. But then, well.. Just read and you will find out yourself.

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