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Check this neat Air Force site: Dosomethingamazing. Find the one with the Thunderbirds, and then click on it. Click a style you want them to be flying in (play a game), and then watch the video in your preferred view. In the Cockpit or etc;

Anyway, there are two great games that I will be anticipating, these two will be: Batman: Arkham Asylum and Prison Break: The Video game.


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Bright side.

On the brightside, today, I am really surprised that I have not touched the Xbox360 console for the whole day. I’m really missing to play Fable II. I have no idea why I could not just walk to the living room and pick that controller up and hit up some games or something. I also made my sandwiches today, and they turned out great. I loved the lettuce.

Anyway, just a coincidence, I think Ross’s face looks like Lucas from ctrlaltdel (online comic strip). Check this picture (not that very clear).


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A money’s worth.

Well, I have decided to kind of cut back alittle with the purchasing of games. Maybe I’ll just set it at 2 games per month, thats like good enough, because I am spending 140 bucks each month, and roughly around a year, I spend like (hopefully) 1680 Bucks.. Oh, that is a huge amount, but atleast its for a year, rather than spending 4 games per month, and that turns out as 3360 Bucks per year.

I am also hoping that the price of games could be lowered down. 70 bucks for a game is outrageous man. Fable II is a next-gen game, but the graphics suuuuccckkks! I cant be paying 70 bucks for that kind of sucky graphics (which I did).

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Alan Wake.

I have been going through a few game trailers, and one has caught my attention.


Oh why cant I just insert the video on the blog? WordPress would not allow it, too bad folks. Well, back to the game. One look on the video would not tell you what the game is actually about. Just for your information (if you would like to know), Alan Wake is a psychological action thriller type of game.

Alan Wake is a bestselling horror writer. Early on in his career, his fiancée Alice was his muse. Just prior to meeting her, he had started to have strange dreams which he used as material for his first book. The book was a big success, a dream come true. But then Wake’s fiancée vanished without a trace. Wake was devastated. He couldn’t write anymore, his dreams stopped and he began to suffer from insomnia. At the beginning of the game, Wake travels to a sleep clinic to seek treatment for his condition. The secluded clinic is located near the small town of Bright Falls, Washington, far away from the stressful urban lifestyle. Receiving treatment at the clinic, Wake is able to sleep again. At the clinic, he meets a mysterious woman who is the very image of his missing fiancée, uncannily so. At once, his dreams return, this time as terrible nightmares. Wake begins to write again: a new book based on those nightmares. But something is horribly, horribly wrong. Impossibly, the town of Bright Falls starts to change to something awful that bears a close resemblance to Wake’s new book. Wake ends up fighting for his life with a gun and a flashlight in his hands, trying to understand what’s happening.

Thanks, Wikipedia.

The graphics are terrific, the layout is brilliant and they all make sense. I cant wait for it to come out, because this game is definitely going to be on my Top 20 games to buy in 2008/2009.. I can play it on my other computer which is running on Windows Vista. Really.. Cant wait.. And the ‘Monsters’ hates light :).

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