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Runescape in High Defination is really great. It has a wide view and really nice designs. Take a look:


That’s the main log-in screen. Check out the gameplay in HD (Half-Screen):


I numbered the parts which I actually liked in Runescape HD HS.

  1. The Chat-Box. It has a very nice fade-out border line, and the color of the words are my favorite type of blue.
  2. Wide angle view, awesome. Detailed roads, grass, trees, buldings etc;
  3. And lastly, the ‘Close whenever you want’ inventory space. Just click on the inventory bagpack and the ‘Pop-up’ screen will disappear. It’s really quite amazing Jagex could do this. Runescape has improved so much (Game graphics wise).

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I remembered playing Runescape eversince it was still a 2D game. It was called: Runescape Classic. Classic it was, really. During that time (2000-2002), those type of games were the ‘big’ stuff. Nothing was 3D, yet. I guess Runescape was one of the MMORPGS which upgraded its game to a 3 dimesional one. Once RS 2 arrived, everyone came flocking in and started registering. Back then the game was booming with 1 million + players, but now sadly: 50K ++.

Runescape changed too much. No wilderness PKing, no merchanting (The players used to control the market in the game. Now with the new Grand Exchange, Runescape rules us now). This was one of the cons that people go around in crowded worlds shouting “RS is dead”, “Bring back the Wildy!” etc;. Maybe they are right. Runescape should come back to their original state. One of the Pros Runescape did was the Runescape HD. The graphics were way much better and they finally added facial features on the bottom box (Chat Box).

Here’s a little look of what Runescape is now, in HD:

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

Runescape in High Defination. Pretty impressive eh?

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