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It’s unusual to experience lag at this time of the day. Websites wont load just at the time I am really fucking busy. The new dashboard sucks by the way. See? I even forgot to put in tags and category.


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I really wish the internet wouldn’t lag every night. It’s like, a routine or something. Steady in the morning and fucky in the night. I mean, come on, wont the government do something about this? This is becoming a nuisance now, and it’s already getting REALLY annoying.

On the other hand of the rainbow, I had afew Ding Dongs (the chocolate stuff), and it’s really delicious. I’m going to buy a whole box tomorrow. Share with my friends if I might.

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How many times?!

Ok, I got pissed off pretty much today. First it was the gays and then the games and then the stupid internet?! Stop slowing down man. The internet suuucks currently, and there is nothing you can do right now other than flaming about the stupid internet. It’s always at night that this happens.. And always the part where you get to know so many cool stuff on the internet. Ugh!

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It’s the time of the day again that the internet sucks terribly. I just feel like walking and hook up the Xbox and fire up some Ninja Gaiden 2 or Halo 3 or perhaps GOW 2. Ugh, but I cant. I cant leave Friends alone. I love that show. I just wish I could do both at the same time. Games and Friends should really go together. Ah, the fantasy.

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