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Yeah, I dont really believe that Fable II has alot to offer after completing the main storyline. Yeah, the most people talk about is the side-quests, Gargoyle hunting etc;, but truthfully, there isn’t much to do is there? I mean, you could buy every single building in Albion, but thats no fun. Killing villagers and creating a family: Quite interesting, but it gets boring after a while.

Also, Albion has only 3 major towns: Oakfield, Bowerstone and Bloodstone, right? All the others are either swamps (Wraithmarsh) or forests and bandit camps (Rookridge, Brightwood). Oh, another small town is Westcliff, but that town doesn’t offer anything. Just your regular pub, weapon store, tattoo store and the Crucible, well, the Crucible is the only thing that is good and special.

I’m really looking foward to the expansion. Can’t wait to get the new clothes and weapons. Maybe they should come up with a powerful melee weapon, like a Axe or Hammer or something.


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