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I just noticed that Rachael from Friends (i’m talking about the character), is a total bitch. Watch the episode 2 on Season 3, and you’ll find out. She acts like a total bitch about not going to the fucking dinner party or some shit.. It’s just so typical bitches to do that.

The only people I dont really hate in that show is Joey and Phoebe. Both of them are great, and never ever spoils the show or whatever.

Anyway enough ranting, I had Tuna Sandwiches and some hot chocolate for this late-breakfast. It was really delicious, although I wish it was Pretzels with mustard. Heh.

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I wished Joey could have just told Ross that he and Rachael is an item now. I mean, why would Ross say nice things about Joey and fuck, I wished Friends is a 2008 production, and I really wished I could just write to the producers/directors to make Joey and Rachael stay together as a couple.

I mean, everyone should have a couple. Chandler and Monica, perfect. Joey and Rachael, perfect. Ross and whoever I dont care, perfect. Phoebe and Mike, perfect. Damnit Ross, fuck you. You always spoil things.

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Friends. Let me rank them. Rachael, Monica, Phoebe. Let me tell you, Rachael is hot throughout the whole 10 seasons, while Monica is only hot when she was with Chandler and Phoebe was hawt in the last two episodes of season 9, which is ‘Barbados’ or something.

Rachael is especially totally hot in Barbados.

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It’s funny to think about Ross and Rachael together in Friends Season 8/9, because it’s like, cliché. Imagine when Rachael actually thought Joey had proposed to her in Season 8 (last episode) and said yes, and Joey just played along and then Ross was fine with that because he was with Mona, it would be a whole lot interesting and fun show, because Rachael has finally gone out with another friend.

It’s weird about how they keep on saying that “We cant be together because we are best friends”. I mean, that’s weird. It’s just weird, but I’ll continue on later I have to eat now.

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