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Season 1 – 2: Nobody was funny during this few seasons, probably because they were new to each other or probably they are just bad actors/actresses. Friends really improved their acting skills.

Season 3: Obviously Rachel and Monica. They were not funny at all. Joey, Chandler, Ross and Phoebe showed tremendous amount of humor and classic jokes.

Season 4: Rachel and Monica, again. I have to say, Monica only got funny after season 6.

Season 5: Rachel and Monica, yet again. Joey was hilarious during this season. Chandler has dropped alittle, but he’s fine.

Season 6: Great season. Everyone was funny in Season 6.

Season 7: Chandler. His voice, his look, ugh. He’s jokes aren’t funny for this season. Episode 7 was terrible.

Season 8: Rachel. This result is probably because Rachel is pregnant, and her whining and sarcastic jokes are terrible. She was annoying in this season.

Season 9: Chandler. I don’t find him funny in this season.

Season 10: Rachel, Chandler, Monica. Rachel just looks sad in this season, with her long hair and red nose. Chandler was the typical ‘husband’ type of guy, with no more sarcastic jokes. Even if there are, they are not funny. Monica was back to sad and annoying, which is a terrible combination.

Overall: The most unfunny character in Friends: Rachel.

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Season 1 – 6 most annoying Friends character: Monica.

Season 7 – 10 most annoying Friends character: Ross.

It’s just a coincidence. In the show, Monica and Ross are siblings. Is that a family tradition to be annoying and fucked up? Monica makes stupid and fucking annoying faces and noises from Season 1 to 6. Now, Ross get’s fucking stupid with his decisions in Season 7 to 10. Let’s talk about Ross’s stupid decision. He gets Rachel pregnant, for one reason: He wants Rachel to himself. I mean, how hard is that to figure out for Joey?

Ross says he is on a break with Rachel, but then he still has this feelings for her and gets depressed because he has not had sex for 6 months. I mean, what the fucking fuck with him? I mean, make up your mind, Ross. If Ross was really my friend, I bet he will be in a world of pain right now.

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It’s weird on how Ross gets nervous/scared upon hearing that Mona decides to give out Holiday Cards together with him. Why would he be afraid just because its a fact that only married couples give out Holiday Cards together? I mean, It’s not a big deal, and their relationship should move foward right? It’s not only this episode, there are dozens more that are related to ‘relationships that aren’t moving forward’ type of situation. For example, Season 7 Episode 23. Chandler freaks out because he heard Monica saying ‘If you are calling after Saturday, we are, The Bings!’. I mean, what the fuck? Just because of a stupid name he freaks out? I mean, is there such a person in the world who is like that?

Ross situation is very obvious that the creators of Friends just want Ross to end up with Rachel or wants their watchers to think that Ross would end up with Rachel. They have been putting Ross with so many ‘long’ relationships with extras like, Elizabeth and Mona and just to end up with a break-up because of a silly thing, such as for Mona, relationship moving too fast or something and Elizabeth like, she is waay to young for him etc;.

Although you could really see through the plot of the show from the 5th season, it’s still fun to watch your expectations to happen. Friends is a hilarious show. I dont really like the plot, but it’s still very hilarious.

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I wished Joey could have just told Ross that he and Rachael is an item now. I mean, why would Ross say nice things about Joey and fuck, I wished Friends is a 2008 production, and I really wished I could just write to the producers/directors to make Joey and Rachael stay together as a couple.

I mean, everyone should have a couple. Chandler and Monica, perfect. Joey and Rachael, perfect. Ross and whoever I dont care, perfect. Phoebe and Mike, perfect. Damnit Ross, fuck you. You always spoil things.

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It’s funny to think about Ross and Rachael together in Friends Season 8/9, because it’s like, cliché. Imagine when Rachael actually thought Joey had proposed to her in Season 8 (last episode) and said yes, and Joey just played along and then Ross was fine with that because he was with Mona, it would be a whole lot interesting and fun show, because Rachael has finally gone out with another friend.

It’s weird about how they keep on saying that “We cant be together because we are best friends”. I mean, that’s weird. It’s just weird, but I’ll continue on later I have to eat now.

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Bright side.

On the brightside, today, I am really surprised that I have not touched the Xbox360 console for the whole day. I’m really missing to play Fable II. I have no idea why I could not just walk to the living room and pick that controller up and hit up some games or something. I also made my sandwiches today, and they turned out great. I loved the lettuce.

Anyway, just a coincidence, I think Ross’s face looks like Lucas from ctrlaltdel (online comic strip). Check this picture (not that very clear).


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