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Introduction: The story (Set in Stalingrad (Russia), 1942) is about a Ural peasant who discovered his ability of accuracy with a sniper rifle, when he was stuck in the middle of a battlefield. The story begins here, when he shot a bunch of german soldiers at a rest point.


  • War movies are always great. The plot was accurate, with just some minor flaws in the real story (Battle of Stalingrad).
  • I liked that Vassili Zaitsev took time to really blow someone’s head off.
  • Lots of Sniping action.
  • Good use of broken mirrors (You’ll know why when you watch it).


  • The german top sniper, Major Erwin K├Ânig, isn’t that good as to blow someone’s head off while they are jumping over a gap, right?
  • Sex scenes in war movies = fail.

Overall: I noticed that Call of Duty 1 used the same history as this show eg; (In Call of Duty 1, the person infront of you (while doing the Russian Missions) gets the rifle, while you get the ammo. The reason is that when a person dies, you get to take his rifle, so there’s no wastage.) Anyway, the plot was accurate, the cast was good, the recreation of The battle of Stalingrad, awesome. 7/10. Worth watching, but if you decide to read up about the real history without watching a movie, its fine.

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