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Today is the day that I will be getting my Fallout 3. I have something up with my friends, so after the meeting I’ll be heading off to the Video Game store to get my Fallout 3. Fallout 3 Is really a great game. I repeatedly watched the gameplay trailer yesterday, and It was really convincing everytime I watched it. I never had second thoughts about buying this game.

I mean, when I bought Fable II, there was a pause at the counter because I thought of getting Gears Of War 2. But alas, Fable II got over me and I bought it.

Cant wait to get my hands on Fallout 3 and the awesome V.A.T.S system.

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Fallout 3.

I suddenly have this need to play Fallout 3. I mean, I’ve tried it before, and I feel that I want more than just a try. Today, I watched the gameplay trailer, and I feel that I miss playing some FPS games. I’m thinking that I should just break the ‘budget’ barrier and buy the game tomorrow.

I mean, it’s just one game..

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The best WoW Trailer.

This has got to be the best trailer Blizzard has ever produced.

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Trailer for MK vs DC.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming game (but released), Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe. The trailer is great, and if you guys own a Xbox 360, download the Making Of and Special Moves from the games catalogue.

The graphics doesn’t look as nice as I thought, but hey, atleast if the gameplay is nice and the moves aren’t complicated, it’s fine. I’ll try to get my hands on this game, and after that I’ll be writing a review on it. For Review 3, I’ll be doing Gears of War for those people who haven’t tried it yet. This ‘budget’ thingy is really restricting me to buy loads of upcoming games.

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