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Embrace the beauty.

Let’s embrace the beauty of the Xbox 360 Controller, which is perfect white with gray outlining at the bottom and such comfortable analongs and smooth D-PAD and the so shiny YBAX buttons and the gentle LT LB, RT RB buttons and the ever glowing Xbox logo in the middle. Perfect.

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This you have to read.

PS3 suck for me. I totally agree with sarcasticgamer.com. PS3 crapped on the bed and have GOT to stay at the bottom of the console war. Yeah yeah, PS3 and it’s stupid Blu-fucking Ray discs. Who the fucking world cares about the stupid Blu-Ray disc. True gamers prefer the graphics and the gameplay of the fucking game? Not the fucking stupid disc? Yeah, there I said it. I have been keeping this piece of shit for too long. Fuckers, TOO LONG.

Anyway, check out graphics comparisons between the Xbox360 and PS3. PS3’s graphics sucks. It’s all so bright and motherfucking shit. Seriously, people nowdays have got to do some fucking review and comparisons with the fucking Wii, Xbox360 and the fucking PS3.

Comparison 1.
Comparison 2.
Comparison 3.

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I am currently watching my last episode of Friends which is Season 1 Episode 18 for the day alright. After the show, I am going to hook up the Xbox360 and play some Fable II to maybe lets say, 12 or something.

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I’ve had it.

Right. I have had it with the stupid slow internet. I hooked up the Xbox360 and fired up Dead or Alive 4, and that was a ENJOYABLE moment for the night (besides Dinner). I was beating my friend in Co-op (he decided to come back when I almost beat him in Halo 3), and I was owning him straight to the face. I was always giving him my specialties, of course, the knock-outs. Well, I’m going to go on Sparring, so ttyl.

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It’s all relatives!

Well, its 8 PM here, and it’s still raining, and it’s quite cold because of the season right now.. Anyway, I was just thinking about some stuff.. Games.. You know… Okay, nevermind, you guys dont have to know what the hell I am thinking about, but It’s kinda cool to know that I ordered a instant popcorn from eBay. Uh, lol. Heh. Anyway, anyone who wants to hook up with some Xbox LIVE, add me on your friendlist. My gamertag is blahALTAIR.

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