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Those blogs on my Blogroll, there’s only 4 of them which I check regularly. The others are just ‘back then’ type of blogs.

  1. The Joystick Cafe.
  2. Interesting Times.
  3. Demonj\’s Blog.
  4. Outer Heaven.

The Joystick Cafe:

The author writes lots of good stuff, which varies from Movies to Drinks to Games to Youtube Videos etc;. Although he does not provide that many game guides, I like it that he writes his entries in such detail (Or something like that).

Interesting Times:

Really interesting, just like the Blog tittle. It’s quite original to be writing your entries in a form of a comic. His art isn’t the best, but I like it simple. A nice stickman with facial features is good.

Demonj\’s Blog:

Loads of stuff about games and Xbox360 updates etc; which I dont really bother reading, but I find his guide interesting. He does his weekly round up or something like that, which is kinda cool.

Outer Heaven:

Outer Heaven. It’s a blog about ‘hands on’ gaming entries written by a female. I think her name is Kelly or something, and she digs Xbox360 games and stuff. Very useful guide on Fallout 3, so check it out when you get stuck in F3 or something.

So give this blogs a visit some time, eh?


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Bright side.

On the brightside, today, I am really surprised that I have not touched the Xbox360 console for the whole day. I’m really missing to play Fable II. I have no idea why I could not just walk to the living room and pick that controller up and hit up some games or something. I also made my sandwiches today, and they turned out great. I loved the lettuce.

Anyway, just a coincidence, I think Ross’s face looks like Lucas from ctrlaltdel (online comic strip). Check this picture (not that very clear).


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Me! I do! Bought it for 72 bucks, which is for a Limited Edition box. It’s quite weird, because I’m just paying 2 bucks for the bonus DVD and some other in-game stuff. The standard edition is 70 bucks. I’m yet to play it, because someone is watching a stupid football match. It’s fucking annoying. LET ME GET ON THE SCREEN!! Cant wait to try it out.

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